Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland

  • Community Service Program

    A voluntary community service program for adults (18 years or older at the time of the offense) charged with a minor crime.

  • Victim & Witness Assistance Coordinator

    The State’s Attorney’s Office for Worcester County is committed to assisting and supporting the victims and witnesses of crime. To provide a wide range of helpful information and useful services to victims.

  • Public Court Records

    The State of Maryland operates the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, an easy-to-use online database that enables visitors to find and track cases in every jurisdiction throughout Maryland.

A Message from State's Attorney Kris Heiser

To the citizens of Worcester County:

I pledge to work hand in hand with the fine law enforcement officers of Worcester County to keep you and your families safe, and to hold offenders accountable. I also want to pledge to be transparent, communicative, and accessible to you - when you have concerns, I want to hear them. It is by listening to your voices that we can better serve you. You can count on my team of prosecutors for the fair and consistent administration of justice and the highest level of ethics.

Worcester County deserves no less.